Dremel Table Saw Accessories from Bill Wilson - Limited availability a/o 2017
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I found these great accessories pictured below available from Bill on eBay...Here they are DIRECT from the maker! Contact Bill for multiple item shipTry the link below to see what items he may have on eBay at the moment. Once these are gone, that's it.

Try this link:   Bill will be selling off the remainder of his stock on eBay (April 2016)  JAN 1, 2017 UPDATE:  Bill will be making a run of his miters, fences, and vacuum cover-plates from time to time.  If you don't see them on eBay, try contacting him direct for availability -




A note about carbide blades:  I've recommended Harbor Freight's carbide blades for many years as they have been an excellent buy, a sixth the cost of MicroMark's, and every bit as good in my opinion.  Recently they discontinued them.* I've found a source for even better blades than either sold.  As much as I hadn't wanted to be in the position of selling anything, I've found it best to provide these since otherwise people would have to be buying these in large batches (from this source I found) or taking a chance on eBay (some junk is out there), or paying way too much for a 40 tooth blade from MicroMark (and $10 shipping plus tax).  Fine blade, just way too expensive, and they don't offer the 20 tooth needed for long ripping cuts any more. 

Carbide blades from TheAeroSmith:  A pair (20-tooth and 40-tooth) is $45 post-paid anywhere in the US. Singles, more of either, ask.  PayPal Bob@theaerosmith.com to pay, or check, cash if you like. Write me at Bob@theaerosmith.com with any questions.


  •  A new Zimbyo 36 tooth blade is coming in December (2014) and will be even better than the previous ones.  Japanese made.  See eBay for latest pricing.  Excellent blade.


Since the link wraps here, you may have to copy and paste it to your browser.

It features a very narrow kerf, just 0.059" where others are typically .070,  C-2 tungsten carbide tips. Ground body thickness 0.055".  My blades are a bit more heavy-duty with a .070 kerf, and I have the 20-tooth you should have for long rips as well as a fine 40-tooth.  I've ordered from him and my order was in the mail in the morning having been placed the previous evening.   Great service and excellent shipping prices!


That Dremel manual is still available in .pdf, free, as it has been for years, too.  Write Bob@theaerosmith.com Jan 1, 2017:  Recently surpassed 1000 .pdf copies of the manual given out!

Try my new download here:

Dremel Table Saw Manual




*HF has cheap blades again. 24 tooth only.  See #61243.  $4.99, $6.99 shipping cheapest way to my house, plus tax. Feedback I have says they are a little crude, but for $5, you can't lose...  You really should have a high quality 40 tooth for most work in addition to a coarse 20 tooth for ripping, but I'm just here to let you know what's out there...(Thanks, William, for the update).  See me for blades-I only have a dozen of each left.

The Miter Gage...These are just SUPER!!!

Limited availability.  I got one for my MicroMark DC variable speed 10" sander...had to alter the slide, but a marvelous improvement over the cheap plastic one they provide - an otherwise exceptional tool.  They should equip them standard with Bill's miter!

Superb miter gauge. Limited availability.

Vacuum dust cover plate with wobble lock.. Limited availability. I built my own years ago - really keeps the dust down plus stabilizes the blade.

Dremel Wrenches-Short Supply...

Jan 1, 2017 - Bill is having a short run of his fine stamped-steel wrenches made.  Available about the first of February. $13.00 for the pair and are made of 14 gauge(0.074") case hardend, zinc dipped tool steel, and are 8" in length, the openings are exact as the Dremel saw, 23/32" blade lock and 3/4" blade nut.  Write Bill for availability and purchase details.


If you can't wait or the short supply goes too fast, what you need is a pair of bicycle cone wrenches, 18 and 19 mm.  They are special thin wrenches that good bike shops will carry, or shop on line.  I got mine on eBay from eBayer "buildyourbike"  "PARK (brand) BICYCLE SCW-18 CONE HUB WRENCH TOOL 18mm" and also SCW-19, the 19mm. Free shipping from buildyourbike, under $18 (2015) for the pair to my door.  Wrenches from Park, a well respected bike took maker. Just excellent quality wrenches from Park.

Jan 1, 2017 update:  "buildyourbike" doesn't have both sizes today...but they can be had for $8.07 and free shipping here - The link is for the 19mm but the seller has both in stock today.

Park Tool Cone Wrench



Most excellent fence. HUGE improvement over stock one. Limited availability. Worth way more...

Replacement Dremel belt-from Zimbyo Products. See the link.

You NEED to replace your belt if you're running an original type. These are seamless belts, only ones I've seen.  Smooth running.  See the link for latest pricing.  I'd get two, a lifetime supply. I've sent hundreds of people here, never heard a bad word.  They also sell printed copies of the manual in case you don't want to print your own from my free .pdf...has blades, too, but I wouldn't want you to know that.



Unsolicited testimonial from William, March 30, 2014:

"I ordered a seamless belt from Zimbyo that's now on my saw, and its awesome, no vibration at all, and no belt slippage like the factory belt always had.  It seems like it has a lot more grip to it, so it keeps the blade spinning where the OEM belts never did that and always seemed to slip."

And a note from me:

Oh, and I have this belt on my own saw now...GET TWO in case they ever go extinct again.   WAY WAY better than all other, common, lapped-seam belts.