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Miscellaneous motor meanderings

Another of Leo Squiers' magnificent motors. This one tagged 'Thermal Hopper 2K'. done at the turn of the century, no doubt. Turned a 5X3 Cox grey at 22K on factory fuel!!!

'Stage I' modified Veco .19. Bob Sowder's in Virginia. Beecroft
Wild Weasel
Another of Leo's.  Real hot rod here, too. Tee Dee piston and cylinder, mylar reed, cut away Babe Bee tank, home-grown lug mounts. Really cool.
20,000 RPM Veco Series 100 .21
Stage III modified Veco belonging to Ted Hidinger, Arizona. This one has a Bob Mattes made head with Nelson plug, McCoy .21 race car Dykes ringed aluminum piston and chromed steel sleeve. Other minor modifications. This level of performance can be obtained with the stock iron piston and leaded steel liner they came with. C-2 APC 8X4, 30% Nitro fuel with 25% oil. This is the prop that generally flys the model the best. Another motor similar to the one above ran too well for the gents airplane - fluttering wing. He slowed the model down by switching to an APC 9X4 prop. Some argue that I get RPM with the 'tiny' (naysayers call it) C-2 8X4 prop. WRONG! I use those because they fly the model the best. If a 10-4 at 15,000 flew the model better, that's what I'd use.
Stage 1 lightly modified .19 Veco
Another of the lightly modified Vecos here.  17.000.  Same prop and fuel as above (my standard stuff for flying).  The 'Greenhead' treatment was fun to do, and gets a few double takes.  Not a whole lot of K&B's ran even this well on the same prop and fuel.  Mine used to do about 14.  That was stock, as they kept breaking, even at that.  The secret NOT to break them is apparently NOT to use a backplate mount.  I broke 13 Greenheads over the years before switching to a really good motor.  They all broke the case, and in exactly the same place.  Thin casting doesn't take the gried.  I know, Conover flew his Lucky Lindy that way.  That was my argument, too.  Never a broken Veco screwed onto the very same mount.

Leo and an OK Cub
Leo Squiers latest original tether car model. The man's a master!
Another of Leo's motors
Another magnificent motor by Leo Squiers. This is/was a Babe Bee. Neat knob on the needle is a craft store item. Does his own anodizing work.
Pathetic effort
One of my own.  Pretty pathetic in the visual appeal department, though a thoroughbred in the performance department.  This motor was put together for the NFFS (National Free Flight Society) sponsored 'One Design' competitions held throughout the country.  Home built tank mount, Galbreath head and Nelson plug, timing shims from Kustom Kraftsmanship, own ported cylinder.  Good runner for a motor designed in the early 60's.  The  TeeDee motors hit the market in 1961, replacing the Space Hopper.  Cox' first front rotor motor, aside from the Camerons.  This motor won everything in its class, and held the lead position in ½A for decades, only being surpassed by the Shuriken, then Russian and Italian motors.  Still a good motor and can be competitive in the right model.  Nothing quite like the sound of 30+ thousand singing from one of these newer motors, though.

Another of Leo's Coxes
Love that little plastic knob on the needle valve!
Leo's twin needle engine
This one's way out there.  The second needle isn't for idle adjustment, it's a variable pressure valve for tank pressure off the crankcase.  Too much, eh?
Image title would go here.
These are a few of my favorite photographs from my different travels. Feel free to browse them as you like. If you want one click your right mouse button and choose "Save As" from the menu.
Image title would go here.
These are a few of my favorite photographs from my different travels. Feel free to browse them as you like. If you want one click your right mouse button and choose "Save As" from the menu.