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Newly replicated Orbiteers logo: Natko Antonioli design, 1959.

The Orbiteers winners at a mid-60's Southwest Regionals, Buckeye Arizona.
Art Way, about 1960.
Right: Dan Keller clowning at San Diego's 'Mesa' site, about 1960.
Left: Nat Antonioli with original MusicMan design, 1955.
Photo on the right, and left to right: Dan Keller, Jon Heritage, Jim Peterson with Charlie Primb's designed ŻA gas model, Richard Kalling. The Plymouth in the background is Donnie Radcliff's. Sepulveda Basin, 1960.
Walt Mooney with unusual cargo design. 1959 Nationals.
Some of the usual crowd before there was an Orbiteers, and after there was no Aeroneers. This is the beginning of the now near 50 year history of the San Diego Orbiteers. On the left is Don Roscrans, right, Jim Peterson.
Atsa Mia: 1961 Satan 900 C ship.