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NosGas engine rework and more:  This THE place to have that Veco

or Max done right.  Tee Dee 020 specialist, too.

I'm no longer doing engine work, but highly recommend Bob Mattes.  

Great site where you can really learn a lot.  Detailed pricing.  

See www.flyfreeflight.com and let Bob know I sent you.


Here's a great site for dozens and dozens of full size plans, and a new magazine, FULL SIZE PLANS magazine.  Check it out!!  http://www.fullsizeplans.com/


Aerospace Composite Products
Bob Holman Plans
Bradley Model Products
Boca Bearings
Campbell's Custom Kits
Great article detailing all you need to know about using LiPo batteries.  Must reading for free flight electric flyers:
FAI Model Supply
Glide TEK
Jim O'Reilly Model Plans
International Model Group
Luddite Free Flight Team
Texas Timers
Vasily Beschasny
W-Hobby Free Flight
Woodhouse's Free Flight Supplies
Sam's Models

Aerodyne Model Supplies http://www.freeflightmodels.com/

Aerospace Composite Products http://www.acpsales.com

Al Lidberg Model Supplies http://www.aalmps.com

AMA Home Page http://www.modelaircraft.org

Bob Holman,s Plans & Laser Parts http://www.bhplans.com

Boca Bearings http://www.bocabearings.com

BMJR Models http://www.bmjrmodels.com

Bradley Model Products  http://members.aol.com/bmp4carbon

Carbon Structures Technology  http://www.cstsales.com

Cyclon Engines(new site) http://www.cyclonengines.narod.ru

Doug Galbreath's Model Stuff  http://www.the-printer.net/DookCat.html

Electronics devices for FAI free flight models http://www.ffelectronics.com/

FAI Home Page  http://www.fai.org

FAI Model Supply  http://www.faimodelsupply.com

Flying Models Magazine  http://www.flying-models.com

Free Flight Quarterly  http://www.freeflightquarterly.com

Free Flight Web-site Mailing List  http://www.modelflight.com

GizmoGeezer Products  http://www.gizmogeezer.com

Hannan's Runway  http://www.hrunway.com

Hastings Fiberglass Poles  http://www.hfgp.com

Herr Kits  http://www.iflyherr.com

Jim O'Reilly's Plans  http://www.jimoreillymodelplans.com

Klarich Kits  http://www.klarichkits.com

Larry Davidson Model Supply http://www.modelflight.com/larrydavidson.html

Martin Gregorie's Free Flight & Computer Web Page  http://www.gregorie.org/freeflight/index.html

Martin Hepperle's Web Page, Cox History   http://www.mh-aerotools.de/airfoils/index.htm

MECOA Model Engines  http://www.mecoa.com

Metric & Multistandard Components  http://www.metricmcc.com

Mike Woodhouse Model Supplies  http://www.freeflightsupplies.co.uk

Model Engine Collectors Association  http://www.modelengine.org/index.htm

Modeling Video Tapes http://www.homegrowntv.com

NFFS Home Page http://www.freeflight.org

Norvel Engines http://www.norvel.com

Old model magazine and books source http://www.magazinesandbooks.co.uk

Peck Polymers http://www.peck-polymers.com/

Pennsylvania Valley Hobby Center http://www.pennvalleyhobbycenter.com

Plan Page http://www.theplanpage.com

PROFILI Version 2.14 "NEW" Airfoil Software  http://www.profili2.com

Russian F1A Models http://www.moscow-f1a.narod.ru/index.html

SAM 600 Model Recognition Site http://www.boundy39.com

SAM Home Page http://www.antiquemodeler.org

Sig Manufacturing Company http://www.sigmfg.com

Small Fasteners http://www.microfasteners.com

Small Parts inc. http://www.smallparts.com

Specialized Balsa Wood http://www.specializedbalsa.com

Taps & Dies Miniature (J.I. Morris co). http://www.morris01550.com

Texas Timers http://www.texastimers.com

Tower Hobbies http://www.towerhobbies.com

Vasily's Free Flight Factory Outlet http://www.vasi.scana.com.ua

Vintage Model Airplanes http://www.vintagemodelairplane.com

Walston Retrieval Systems http://www.walstonretrieval.com/main.htm

W-HobbyWonder http://w-hobby.com