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Right: The Workbench - if this were only true!

Well, the bench was this clean only once that I remember.  Wife laid claim to it as a laundry folding table...so, you see, I HAD to put it back to the normal mess to retain its use!

Right: The BP is old, dirty and gray...and so's the AeroSmith. Elsewhere is a "modern" CNC BOSS 6 Bridgeport, half apart, small new electronics panel replaces two huge cabinets full of elecrical/electronics. PC control, Mach 3 software does away with antique paper-tape drive.


Right: My favorite toy - well, one of them.

The little Clausing 11X30 gear head engine lathe.  Smooth and tight.  Great little machine.  The Buck chuck on it, alone, cost what my 12X36 Enco machine was new.

Right: New-to-me AMMCO 7" Shaper

Right:  This little darling is an AMMCO 7" shaper.  The 7" refers to its ability to cut a cube 7X7X7...supposedly.  (every try to do something actually 12" around and 36" long in your 12X36 lathe?  Not gonna happen). 

This little guy lived in nearby Ramona California, but recently found refuge here in TheAeroSmith's shop.

2013:  long overdue update...ran out of room and this wonderful machine has a new home.  I miss it! 

Right: Little Enco 9X20 lathe.

The Enco 9X20 lathe.  One of those deals I just couldn't turn down.  The lathe was the bonus in the deal - got a huge pile of very useful things, even supplies like high-grade Teflon and Delrin, plus lots more, including gages, faceplate, and other things.  Runs great.  Here showing the variable speed DC motor installed by the AeroSmith.  Power to spare, and smoothly adjustable variable speed from 0-3000 at the chuck (vs 2000 on the high end as it came).  Used mostly for polishing things, to keep the really dirty stuff off the better machines in the shop.

Right: The brains for the little Enco.
This is the electronics to drive the DC motor in the little Enco.  Great deal from The Surplus Center; it's a surplus 2 horse treadmill motor and controller.
Below, Right: Rotary Phase Converter-one of two.

Single phase, 240 input and balanced three phase output from this.  Here, in 'rough draft' stage of testing.  It works great, and provides smooth starting, smooth stopping, and well balanced power across all three legs of the generated three-phase 240 output.  This design doesn't even require the use of a static converter to get it started.

Next up is a full enclosure for the electrical, and another enclosure for the motor which will live outside, controlled remotely from the machines.

 Long overdue update:  This rotary converter has been installed in my compressor shed for several years and ended up running only my 5-horse 3-phase Powermatic cabinet saw.  Originally it was to power a 5-horse 3-phase compressor that lived in the shed with it, too, but it siezed up and a new 240 VAV single-phase Ingersol-Rand compressor replaced it.  Downsized, but I'm not doing the demanding work with the abrasives cabinet anymore, little use of air tools.  240 volt 15 amp 20 gallon job does the job just fine.  I did bite the bullet and buy a commercial phase generator rated for electronics use/CNC to use with my BOSS Bridgeport.