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Here we'll add more photos and items of interest as time allows. These few for a start.


Arden .19 belonged to great friend and mentor, Natko Antonioli.  Found amongst Nat's many freeflight treasures, I was fortunate to pull this from his estate.  No needle valve found for it, but made up a modified Cox RTF assembly to test the motor.  It runs like a champ, starts easily.  Maybe someday I'll come across a genuine Arden NV for it.

A nice 1956 Johnson .35, purchased recently at an Orbiteers club auction.  The motor had been crashed and repaired; found a very bent crank and a very bent pushrod in a package in the box with the engine.  New ones installed in it.  The engine didn't turn over well; we found the crankpin was binding on the slightly too small pushrod big end.  Easily repaired before it was test run...a run on the too tight fit, probably would have done severe damage to this nice old motor. 

A Luke Roy tether car engine.  This started life as a Dubb Jett wax master, with modifications to the rear end to accommodate Luke's rotory disk system.  The cases were then made, using the lost-wax method.  Most all the other parts of the engines are individually made, and designed by Luke.  His tether cars regularly exceed 200 MPH.


This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.

Not so rare, but a good find.

Luke has the only complete 'set' of the famed Rattler motors in existance - class A, class B, and class C.  Record setters in their time, and trend setters for that time as well.