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We'll put bloopers here; TheAeroSmith's and others, too. This first one below was found on a recent eBay buy that really seemed to be a bargain. Others may have been very, very upset with the seller.

This one didn't run too well...maybe that's why we got it so cheap!

Look carefully at the closely cropped photo above.  You'll note that the bottom edge of the exhaust port is just

slightly above the crankcase casting.  This one is installed WRONG.  Now look at the photo below. 

This one's right. Note that the exhaust is HIGHER in the casting.

And this one's installed RIGHT.  This motor was received with the sleeve installed 180° out.  Maybe not noticiable to the casual observer, this is a pretty common error with those who may be new to trying to work on their own engines.  All else looked and felt right, so we ran it for a few seconds in the test stand.  About ten-thousand was all it would run.  Hard starting, too.

With the sleeve installed correctly, it started and ran easily, and hit well over 16,000 RPM.  All attributed to such a simple thing!  This one may be dirty, and didn't run worth a darn; A great buy for those with a sharp eye.