Motor Stuff: Some engine work by TheAeroSmith
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Here are a few photos of engines we've had a hand in.

Please be sure to scroll over to the right; more there that may not show up on all computer screens.

This fellow seems to like my work: 

 My good Internet/eBay buddy Bob Beecroft and I have a ball with our projects, as we have similar taste in concepts, but are totally opposite in fabrication... He is a consummate machinist.  A true master, and skilled innovator.  His reputation in modeling goes clear back to the early Cox days, having been involved in contest engine projects.  (Cox even made him a special production run of engines once!)  His big Veco motors are legendary in quality and machine work.  He works in tolerances that make me sweat just thinking about... On the other side of the coin, if I had the machinery, I wouldn't be able to use it... I am terminally in love with vice-grips, hammers, files and such.  Not a good resume for Lockheed, but hopefully an inspiration for guys that want to push the envelope for back-room tinkering, on a zero budget.
Now, go raid the hardware store for those priceless parts!
Gotta love it...


Right side shot of Bill Burt's (Orbiteers FF Club, San Diego) freshened up Mac .60

Front end of Burt's Mac .60. New bearings, and restored igniton system.

Another view of Burt's Mac .60 showing off freshly anodized head and super-tough baking lacquer finish. Tough enough for guns!

Rear view: venturi was squashed and pretty rough. A bit of time in the lathe and judicious use of a correctly shaped tool to hammer it back round fixed it up just fine.

Shot of simple rig used to cut flutes ('Boost Ports') into Cox cylinders that didn't have them, or to make larger in ones that already had them.

Prototype rear end on a Cox '290' engine...from one of the RTF airplanes. Makes a great do-it-yourself Killer Bee...and can be significantly better, too.

Cox Tee Dee on home brew tank mount done in The AeroSmith's shop.

Errr, NOT a K&B Greenhead! Veco Series 100 in GH colors.

Packaging and custom insert on a Stage I Veco for Gene Christensen.

Eye to Eye with a Nelson plug!

Another custom Veco Ser 100. This one is Gene Christensen's

Series 100 Veco .29 of my own. Looking for a used one to do some work on and to fly. This one's just too nice!

Found a PAIR of these in a local thrift shop!!

Stock to fast do you want to go? Started at $150 and your engine, most anything is possible. No longer: try Bob Mattes at

TheAeroSmith's logo stamp on any custom work. This is really close up...the logo stamp is .125 OD, and placed discreetly.'s gennie and one's new built CNC...can you tell which one's which?

Nice custom decals comes with your engine.

Stage III modified crank vs. stocker. Ready to Rock and Roll!!

Timing check here. High Intensity lamp in the back makes it obvious when bypass, exhaust, crank port opens and closes.

This case was really butchered! No, the lug work isn't mine. All the internals are fresh .. NEW. Runs well. Planned to power a C Nostalgia Gas model.

Prep work for the McCoy at the top of the page.

Guesses on these heads? These are heads made by August Antognetti, and are for a very rare McCoy .21 intended for R/C car racing. About 1970 vintage, August built unfinished castings into complete motors. This McCoy never made it into production. TAS did the anodizing.

Small, lightweight backplate mount for Tandy Walker's T-Bird. Model came out tail heavy...should have made this from lead!

McCoy all ultransonically cleaned and ready for rebuild.

A current project: Learning to do molds for lost wax castings. This one is for a McCoy .49 head. Reproduction heads for this engine and others, plus original heads are in the works. They will be cast from virgin 356 aluminum ingots, and heat treated to T6.

Fixture and Veco sleeve; cutting U/C version bypass into an R/C sleeve.

Only tangentally 'engine work'...send your guesses as to what this is to It's a very common item found in most every garage.